In American states that had been part of the Civil War’s Confederate States of America, it is common for folks to adorn their cars, homes, and when they can get away with it, public buildings, with Confederate flags. Defenders of these practices maintain that the flags symbolize the pride they have in their ancestors who fought in the Civil War. When examined with any degree of detached logic, such pride is born of nonsensical thinking. Who is it that they take such pride?

These rebels of whom they are so proud, took up arms against the federal government, making them traitors, criminals who traditionally would have been subject to execution. And their purpose in committing treason was to defend the institution of slavery, a system of labor that only a minority of white people directly participated in. In other words, in most cases, the rebel was defending another man’s right to be a slave owner, making him a fool. The justification of slavery was that the African negroes were subhumans, not deserving of any respect or dignity, meaning that these ancestors were ignorant racists. By not paying slaves, the shiftless slave owners were guilty of stealing other people’s labor, making them thieves. In order to keep slaves working, their backs were flayed by whips, meaning that these white ancestors were cruel sadists. The reason African Americans are in general, shades lighter than their west equatorial African cousins is because under slavery women were forced to have sexual relations with their masters and overseers, making slave owners rapists. Africans were imported by unscrupulous ship merchants who purchased them from coastal Africans who obtained these unfortunates from kidnappers, making this institution a partner of kidnapping, a crime that is considered next to murder, the most heinous.

Therefore, any person who is proud of an ancestor who supported an institution that sanctioned kidnapping, theft, racism, torture, treason, and rape, is by my definition a demented moron.